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Established in 2018, The Palmetto Sauce Company engages in the manufacturing and bottling of two regional South Carolina BBQ sauces named for the rivers that run through the areas where these types of sauces are commonly used and are still enjoyed today.

Edisto Orange is a tomato based sauce with a tangy, spicy, vinegary taste that has been typical in west central South Carolina for about 100 years.  John's mother left him an old recipe written in her hand which we have made and shared for 25 years.  Friends and family from all over the world have enjoyed it and asked us repeatedly when we were going to bottle it.

Congaree Gold is named for the river that runs through Columbia in central South Carolina. German settlers in the “Midlands” of S.C. brought mustard to the area, and over time, bbq sauces from there have traditionally been mustard based. Ours is a tasty blend of mustard, pepper, vinegar and other spices with a faint hint of sweetness.

What makes our sauces different?  Ours are not overly sweet, and our flavors are downright addictive. 
When folks run out of things to dip the sauces in, they reach for bread to make sure not a drop is wasted. 

Our hope is that our sauces will bring you pleasure by making many of your favorite foods taste better.

John and Meg Wise
Founders of The Palmetto Sauce Company

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